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Our factory in Denmark produces gift roll wrap consisting of both consumer as well as counter rolls. All products are offered in both bespoke and own designs.

We use water based inks and pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly - we have SEDEX Membership and are FSC® certified.

FSC® certified products available on request

Eurowrap is committed to principles of sustainable development and social responsibility. Drawing from 3 key areas shown below, these are applied throughout our organisation, value chain, and the entire life cycle of our products & business service in order to achieve our Mission Statement: “We are committed to attracting, developing and keeping a diverse and dedicated work force, to offer all our customers / consumers the highest quality products and service.”


At Eurowrap A/S process & room heating is based on the less polluting natural gas & a surplus heat from water cooling processes.

• Efficient cooling / heat processes have reduced water- and electricity consumption from cooling by 99 %.

• Automatic light control is installed in order to reduce electricity consumption to a minimum.

• Electronic controlled DC-motors have been installed in the process lines to adjust speed and minimize breakdowns, thus reducing electricity consumption.

• Through large scale production planning and staff motivation, idle running of the processes are minimised, keeping unnecessary electricity consumption at a minimum.

Prevent Waste

• All excess paper / cardboard is collected weekly for recycling.

• All waste is stored, separated and collected in line with UK collection and recycling guidelines.

• Ink cartridge recycling is standard practice.

• There is a COSSH Policy for any spillages on site.

• Solid waste is sorted into fractions at Eurowrap A/S: PP (polypropylene); plastic, cardboard & paper are sorted for recycling, which is collected by officially authorised transport companies.

• To comply with Danish air emission limits, Eurowrap A/S has phased out the use of solvent-based printing.

Source Responsibly

• We require documented quality and environmental assurances from our suppliers.

• Eurowrap DK are PEFC certified.

• Wrapping foils are purchased from suppliers who ensure products do not contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

• Manufacturing involves water based inks - adding no alcohol or ethanols. Toxic metals have been removed.

• Toluene and denatured ethanol inks have been phased out.

• We regularly use recycled paper as part of the manufacturing process.

• Our gift wrap paper is recyclable, and can after end use be disposed of in recycling schemes.


Be an employer of choice

• We work alongside EU targets and directives in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

• We use open communication to promote dialogue, empower employees and respect the opinions of others.

• When recruiting, we aim to expand the company's wealth of experience with regard to sex, age and ethnic background through being an Equal Opportunities Employer

• We focus on training, development and promotion to further improve already excellent levels of staff retention

Be neighbourly

We support our local community by giving to good causes such as Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool.


Be Ethical

• We value corporate integrity and transparency in our business relationships & actively support our partners and suppliers in their efforts to comply with our shared policies of sustainability and social responsibility.

• We are members of SEDEX and FSC® certified

• We have been awarded accreditation from BSCI and SMETA

• We always treat information we receive from our customers as strictly confidential.

Supply Chain Intergrity

• We only use factories that have had a third party independent ethical audit carried out by an accredited audit team within the last 2 years.

• Our team in China inspect any new factory being used, and carry out regular checks and inspections on existing factories to check conditions and ethical standards are being upheld.

• We are a loyal and decent client to our suppliers, building many successful long term partnerships.

Satisfaction for all stakeholders

• Our social responsibility includes stakeholder’s expectations and requirements, as well as to comply with national laws and international norms.

• Eurowrap is committed to run its business through upholding principles of ethical behaviour, respect for the rule of law,  respect for international expectations, respect and consideration for the interests of stakeholders, accountability, transparency, precautionary principle and respect for human rights.

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